Fedora tested in c't: grub missing feature

Pierre-Yves pingou at pingoured.fr
Wed Feb 4 08:04:57 UTC 2009

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
>> If I understand that someone that install a linux beside its windows might
>> have no idea how Linux works (I was the first time I did it) and guess
>> someone that install several linux next to each other would have some
>> knowledge about what he is doing.
> that is a lot of assumptions. And if that assumption held, they know
> how to add grub entries by hand right? They do "know what they are
> doing" after all.
I did not say they "know what they are doing" but the have knowledge 
about it. I mean, I never add an entry to the grub menu so I don't know 
how to do it, but if anaconda helps me on that I would know what it is 
asking me about :)

Anyway that's not the point of this thread, sorry for the deviation :)

/me returns to his small dark corner



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