Fedora Release Notes

Mike mike.cloaked at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 09:12:54 UTC 2009

drago01 <drago01 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> >> Yeah, I would like to see the release notes be smaller and just contain
> >> new information for the release. You could easily have a pointer to the
> >> install guide or other docs that contain more verbose info or info
> >> thats repeated every release.
> >
> > +1 ; some more thoughts on this:
> > http://thorstenl.blogspot.com/2008/12/read-same-paragraphs-every-half-year.html
> +1
> Release Notes are not a place for random docs, it should just tell the
> reader about changes/new features.
> Just add links to related docs if necessary.

Somewhere there is a need for information that is helpful to both experienced
Fedora users/administrators, as well as to new users.

The release notes best serves experienced users with a brief list of changes in
the new release (almost by definition!). However there needs to be as much help
as possible for new users, and, as has been commented earlier, the install
guide is one place that such documentation can be placed.  

However I believe there is also an important need for a single place where step
by step guidance is available to a new user, both on the install and also on the
configuration after the install. After all most of us probably spend more
time on configuring the system after the install than on the install itself!

There are a number of such how-to documents distributed across the web provided
and kept updated by private individuals. It would be nice if there was an
"official" document of this kind that included advice on getting around the
common problems that occur with every release one way or another. A central
wiki page that was updated as new releases occurred would be a very nice
feature for people installing for the first time. There is a common problems
page on the wiki already but it would make the life of the new user much
easier if the install/configuration/problem resolution were all directly linked
from a single starting point (in the wiki?).

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