gcc/glibc problem solved, now I need help from gecko maintainers

Julian Sikorski belegdol at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 16:38:27 UTC 2009

Jakub Jelinek pisze:
> On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 04:52:04PM +0100, Julian Sikorski wrote:
>> Thanks guys, with the info you have provided Jean has managed to produce
>> patches fixing the issue. As I said before, there are some problems with
>> the new xulrunner (npupp.h does not exist any more):
>> http://belegdol.fedorapeople.org/build.log
>> The srpm package is also available on my fedorapeople page:
>> http://belegdol.fedorapeople.org/gnome-chemistry-utils-0.10.3-2.fc11.src.rpm
>> Thanks in advance again!
> See
> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/classpath/native/plugin/gcjwebplugin.cc?root=classpath&r1=1.13&r2=1.14&diff_format=u
> what had to change in gcjwebplugin.cc to accomodate the npupp.h ->
> npfunctions.h changes.
> 	Jakub
Without any idea what am I doing, I have created the attached patch.
Unfortunately, it does not help much. Links are the same as before.

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