Orphaning packages

Conrad Meyer cemeyer at u.washington.edu
Tue Jul 14 19:51:36 UTC 2009


I intend to orphan the JRuby package and some of the dependencies I don't 
believe anything else uses. It's a piece of software upstream really doesn't 
intend to be packaged, and bumping to new versions is a constant struggle. 
Furthermore, I don't have anymore use for it. Here is the list of packages 
I'll orphan sometime in the next week or so:

  - bytelist
  - constantine
  - jcodings
  - jline
  - jna-posix
  - joni
  - jvyamlb

If anyone wants any of them, let me know. (In case it's not obvious, they are 
all java packages.)

Conrad Meyer <cemeyer at u.washington.edu>

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