Are packages w/o necessary kernel modules allowed?

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Wed Oct 14 17:25:00 UTC 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 18:31:03 +0200,
> Why should we make peoples' lives harder getting the tools they
> need? Example: Somebody without the DAHDI Kernel Modules would
> probably not try to use the DAHDI Tools since he probably won't even
> know what it's good for. However It makes things easier for the
> people who do know what DAHDI is to have tools to use their DAHDI
> hardware (they compiled/got the Kernel modules for) just a yum
> install away.

Not likely. dahdi-linux support is pretty spotty. atrpms can go a long time
without having a version for a specific version Fedora. For example there
is no rawhide version now and there was a long period without one for
F11. There are issues trying to rebuild atrpms src rpms on fedora. Just
grabbing atrms-rpm-config doesn't help with recursion issues that Alex
doesn't see because of his custom environment.

What I had to do for F12 is grab a spec file (that get's updates at the source)
that was proposed for rpmfusion (but never got adopted by them) and then use
an svn version of dahdi that has a fix for a change in the way the kernel
is being built (some compatibility feature that got dropped in 2.6.32).
That box has been extra unstable lately, though I don't know if that is do
to 3D graphics or dahdi-linux.

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