Updates-testing (was: Re: thunderbird upgrade - wtf?)

chasd chasd at silveroaks.com
Wed Oct 14 18:55:13 UTC 2009

Seth Vidal wrote:

> Seriously:
> yum downgrade
> and in F12 - try out things like the history undo options.
> there are lots of potential nasty situations that can happen but I  
> think the general consensus was 'screw it, let the user sort it out  
> if it breaks, which it often does not'
> generally, if the app you updated modifies its data format and  
> cannot revert it then the user is SOL - but that's not _THAT_  
> common and when it does happen it's certainly not yum's fault.

If it isn't that common, could yum have added directives to its  
configuration ( similar to " exclude= " ) ?
This could increase the reliability of " yum downgrade " in the eyes  
of those that use it.

MySQL and PostgreSQL come to mind.
/etc/yum.conf might have " nodowngrade=mysql-server postgresql-server  
" in the default file.
That's easier than carrying that info in the package or repo files.
When additional packages are found to be not downgradable, they can  
be added to the list.
Granted, if there are a lot of packages, that gets unwieldy.
Also, it could break a downgrade transaction.

Charles Dostale

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