Who do I send to get a package removed because of bad language.

Muayyad AlSadi alsadi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 14:47:44 UTC 2009

> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Offensive_Packages

hahaha! what a bad joke!

not only you advertise pornography packages

you give conclusions and according to which things you called
"offensive packages" made a pornography packages equivalent to
glorifying  God (minbar package) how cheap

this listing is more silly that my x-proposal

and as I said before this is nothing but  advertising pornography packages

note: within one work day, I can make an equivalent to gn*ty but with
that very site replaces with one which shows the propaganda of some
group/organization which you might consider  to be terrorist
organization, and then file a package review ticket I want to see how
would you reject it with something that does not apply to gn*ty

sorry to use this fictitious example but this is the only way you are
programmed to accept censorship.

the only thing gn*ty package do is to advertise a single site the only
thing that the site do is to show videos that are illegal in many
places (merely pornography)

yes there are no guidelines in fedora packaging against advertising
and there are no guidelines in fedora packaging against pornography
but the same can be said Nazi propaganda advertising.
or any similar topic

I guess it's the time to remove gn*ty from fedora's repos
no need for censorship, it's just the community as this is the second
long thread about it is made.

one of the four fundamentals  in fedora is Friends ie. the community
ie. us. You and me.

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