idea: abrt plugin for yum rpm scriptlets output

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Mon Oct 26 01:33:17 UTC 2009

On Sun, 25 Oct 2009, Rudolf Kastl wrote:

> Hello!
> While doing some tests and installing a large part of the rawhide
> repository content i see that there are various packages that have a
> broken %post scriptlet or it is outputting some warnings. maybe it
> would be an idea for a abrt-yum plugin to submit those "warnings" and
> errors to bugzilla. unfortunately yum.log doesent record them either.
> that could definitely help in keeping the house clean i guess.

try running:

yum history

which will give you a list of yum transaction events.

Then taking whichever history id number from the left-most column and 

yum history info $history_id_number -

see if that shows you some info about the scriptlets.


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