F-13 Branched report: 20100401 changes

Branched Report rawhide at fedoraproject.org
Thu Apr 1 16:47:18 UTC 2010

Compose started at Thu Apr  1 09:15:04 UTC 2010

Broken deps for i386
	gnome-web-photo-0.9-4.fc13.i686 requires gecko-libs = 0:
	hornsey-1.5.2-0.1.fc13.i686 requires libclutter-gst-0.10.so.0
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.9-5.fc13.i686 requires libosmcomp.so.3(OSMCOMP_2.3)
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.9-5.fc13.i686 requires libosmcomp.so.3
	moblin-app-installer-0.4.0-0.7.fc13.i686 requires libpackagekit-glib2.so.13
	pyclutter-gst-0.9.2-1.fc12.i686 requires libclutter-gst-0.10.so.0
	sepostgresql-8.4.2-2488.fc13.i686 requires postgresql-server = 0:8.4.2
	totem-youtube-2.29.92-1.fc13.i686 requires libgdata.so.7
	zikula-module-menutree-2.2-1.fc13.noarch requires zikula >= 0:1.2

Broken deps for x86_64
	gnome-web-photo-0.9-4.fc13.x86_64 requires gecko-libs = 0:
	hornsey-1.5.2-0.1.fc13.x86_64 requires libclutter-gst-0.10.so.0()(64bit)
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.9-5.fc13.x86_64 requires libosmcomp.so.3(OSMCOMP_2.3)(64bit)
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.9-5.fc13.x86_64 requires libosmcomp.so.3()(64bit)
	moblin-app-installer-0.4.0-0.7.fc13.x86_64 requires libpackagekit-glib2.so.13()(64bit)
	pyclutter-gst-0.9.2-1.fc12.x86_64 requires libclutter-gst-0.10.so.0()(64bit)
	sepostgresql-8.4.2-2488.fc13.x86_64 requires postgresql-server = 0:8.4.2
	totem-youtube-2.29.92-1.fc13.x86_64 requires libgdata.so.7()(64bit)
	zikula-module-menutree-2.2-1.fc13.noarch requires zikula >= 0:1.2

New package packETH
        A GUI packet generator tool
New package perl-Devel-Caller-IgnoreNamespaces
        Make available a function which can ignore name-spaces that you tell it about
New package perl-Number-Bytes-Human
        Convert byte count to human readable format
New package perl-Sub-Prototype
        Allows you to set a subs prototype
New package perl-Test-SharedFork
        Fork test
New package python-SocksiPy
        A Python SOCKS module
New package rubygem-mixlib-authentication
        Simple per-request authentication
New package rubygem-uuidtools
        A simple universally unique ID generation library
New package umit
        Nmap front-end
Updated Packages:

* Wed Mar 31 2010 David Lehman <dlehman at redhat.com> - 13.37.2-1
- Copy install.img to install target on http installs. (pjones)
- Make sure the install.img exists before attempting to copy (#578391).

* Tue Mar 30 2010 David Lehman <dlehman at redhat.com> - 13.37.1-1
- Copy install.img and remount no matter how many discs (#577196) (pjones)

Added Packages: 9
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 1

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