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On 04/07/2010 08:32 AM, Damian Brasher wrote:
> Hi List
> I'm new to this list, a brief intro - I currently work for the University
> of Southampton (ECS) as a systems administrator / programmer and also
> run my small development company, Interlinux Ltd. See LinkedIn
> 'to the chase:
> I have coded two projects (beta1 and beta2) that I would like to package
> and add to Fedora (extras?). I hope this archive this over several weeks
> and I (my company) will be the long-term maintainer.
> 1) DIASER (2005-2010) - Long-term geo-redundancy archiving software [for
> the cloud] written in Perl.
> 2) DSI (2001-2010) - Pristine (code) Space Invaders clone written in C and
> recently revived for fun and to support DIASER.
> Where do I start?
> TIA - Damian

Follow the package review process for Fedora described here:

Welcome to Fedora!

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