rawhide gnome-panel

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Thu Apr 8 17:23:31 UTC 2010


I created a spare encrypted LVM volume group for testing rawhide (and
one for F13 too) on my new Macbook. I cloned the existing updated F12
install and then did an upgrade to rawhide. It does boot, and it does
run X but the gnome-panel is not displayed (it is running). If I kill
it, it reloads as an emply 1 inch width bar at the top of the screen. If
I remove the home directory and copy /etc/skel, the same happens.

There were a few segfaults (actually many segfaults) in gconf during the
upgrade process and so I'm concerned something went awry. Is there some
gconf managed global resource I need to regenerate that's not taken care
of by wiping out the home directory?


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