PolicyKit-authentication-agents in Fedora

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Fri Apr 9 08:40:09 UTC 2010

On Friday 09 April 2010 02:27:59 Christoph Wickert wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 08.04.2010, 17:01 -0700 schrieb Jesse Keating:
> > Part of the solution here is to not rely entirely on yum depsolving, and
> > instead add explicitly which polkit you want in the comps group, so that
> > a provider is already selected.
> Yes, I already wrote that in my very first mail. Additionally one core
> component of each desktop (e.g. gnome-session, kdebase-workspace,
> xfce4-session and lxsession) should also explicitly require the agent

We explicitly require polkit-kde from F-12 in combination with polkit-1 (in 
kdebase-workspace). F-11 still require PolicyKit-authentication-agent.

Library/desktop purist, don't read it :D: For non Gnome/KDE environments it 
could be nice to have something less bloated but first criteria should be 
quality of implementation and that's where -gnome one wins (I don't know how 
mature is lxde one) - it's developed by polkit developers. We are on slip 
while trying to catch current development. 


> > This is what we should do for critpath as well, mark the gnome policy
> > kit explicitly as part of the critpath.
> +1
> Regards,
> Christoph

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