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> Anyway, when it comes to the update, I'm happy to help. The total number
> of downstream packages dependent on twisted is 33. Should we expect
> breakage? Were there any API changes in twisted?

Twisted in general is really good about keeping API, but they do
deprecate stuff.  When they do so they typically make it clear with
DeprecationWarning's.  I think it's mostly just a matter of testing the
applications using it by someone who knows the application.

Just to be clear, we want to do this for F-13 only, right ? Or are you
thinking about upgrading F-12 too ?

> I think we could start by dividing the list of the packages fifty-fifty,
> and check if they work at all.

Do you have newly built twisted packages ?

>  Then, I think it would be a good idea to
> bring maintainers into the loop since they actually know what the
> packages are supposed to do. The cleaned-up list follows below:

> desktopcouch-0:0.6.3-3.fc12.noarch

I didn't know this was in already; I'm going to assume they're based on
my packages from a few months ago but I'll check.

> elisa-base-0:0.5.35-2.fc12.noarch
> elisa-plugins-bad-0:0.5.35-2.fc12.noarch
> elisa-plugins-ugly-0:0.5.35-1.fc11.noarch

I can check these.

> flumotion-0:0.6.1-1.fc12.x86_64

This is mine, I'll take this.

> python-desktopcouch-0:0.6.3-3.fc12.noarch

Same as desktopcouch above.

> python-nevow-0:0.9.32-3.fc12.noarch

nevow is another library - not sure if anything else depends on nevow.


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