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Julian Sikorski belegdol at
Fri Apr 9 20:34:06 UTC 2010

W dniu 09.04.2010 11:42, Thomas Vander Stichele pisze:
> Hi,
>> Anyway, when it comes to the update, I'm happy to help. The total number
>> of downstream packages dependent on twisted is 33. Should we expect
>> breakage? Were there any API changes in twisted?
> Twisted in general is really good about keeping API, but they do
> deprecate stuff.  When they do so they typically make it clear with
> DeprecationWarning's.  I think it's mostly just a matter of testing the
> applications using it by someone who knows the application.
> Just to be clear, we want to do this for F-13 only, right ? Or are you
> thinking about upgrading F-12 too ?

Well, F-13 for sure. Then, depending if hell breaks loose or not, we
might think about other branches.

>> I think we could start by dividing the list of the packages fifty-fifty,
>> and check if they work at all.
> Do you have newly built twisted packages ?

Not yet, but I can try to prepare them over the weekend.

>>  Then, I think it would be a good idea to
>> bring maintainers into the loop since they actually know what the
>> packages are supposed to do. The cleaned-up list follows below:
>> desktopcouch-0:0.6.3-3.fc12.noarch
> I didn't know this was in already; I'm going to assume they're based on
> my packages from a few months ago but I'll check.
>> elisa-base-0:0.5.35-2.fc12.noarch
>> elisa-plugins-bad-0:0.5.35-2.fc12.noarch
>> elisa-plugins-ugly-0:0.5.35-1.fc11.noarch
> I can check these.
>> flumotion-0:0.6.1-1.fc12.x86_64
> This is mine, I'll take this.
>> python-desktopcouch-0:0.6.3-3.fc12.noarch
> Same as desktopcouch above.
>> python-nevow-0:0.9.32-3.fc12.noarch
> nevow is another library - not sure if anything else depends on nevow.
> Thomas

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