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Sat Apr 10 00:17:47 UTC 2010

On 04/09/2010 09:42 AM, Adam Jackson wrote:
 ignored from then on?
> Depends on your laptop.  There seem to be two major varieties.
> One is where there's a BIOS option and you can pick.  Your options will
> typically be "integrated" (where we'll pick intel), "discrete" (where
> we'll pick nouveau), or "OS switchable" (where you'll see both in lspci,
> but the intel one will be the one that powers up on boot, so we'll pick
> that one and power down the nv chip).
> The other is where there isn't a BIOS option, which acts like "OS
> switchable".
> - ajax

  Hi - laptop is Asus UL30vt - dont think there's a BIOS option .. sound
good - thank you.

  Sounds like I may be able to try f12 rather than f13 which is what I
had been assuming till now.


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