Bodhi allows resubmitting an update with different packages?!

Matt McCutchen matt at
Sat Apr 10 00:44:52 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-04-09 at 16:31 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> I'll repeat. If a testing package is missing in means its
> obsoleted by a newer one.

This surprised me.  I assumed updates were immutable and did not find
any suggestion to the contrary until today.

> Bodhi has a search interface which will let you find the newer ones.
> The bugzilla tickets have the reference to the newer ones.
> Keeping the obsoleted packages in the bodhi interface would only
> encourage you to add comments that are no longer longer
> useful to the maintainer.  Yes its unfortunate that you installed an
> outdated testing package. It happens...because testing revisions can
> be quite fast paced when maintainers are on the ball and your local
> mirror might not sync as fast as others so you are a step or three
> behind the current conversation.
> And in this case, even if you found the package listing you were
> looking for...any comment you would have added...any karma you would
> have added..would just be wasted effort because the relevant
> conversation had moved on to the newer package.  And we certainly
> don't want you to waste even more effort adding karma or a comment on
> an obsoleted testing package. We want you using and commenting on the
> testing packages that are most current.

I understand that!  Once I saw that my package was obsolete, I did not
comment about the bugs.

As you have said, feedback on obsolete packages is irrelevant.  So it is
confusing to see it on the page for the new update.  I have to remember
to start reading after the last "This update has been submitted".  If
the feedback log would be cleared upon resubmission, then the outcome
would be indistinguishable from my proposal.


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