Bodhi allows resubmitting an update with different packages?!

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sat Apr 10 18:03:17 UTC 2010

Matt McCutchen wrote:
> The top of the page now shows the newest package versions, but much of
> the feedback referred to older versions, which are not listed.  IMO,
> this is a terribly confusing practice and Bodhi shouldn't allow it.  New
> packages should be submitted in a new update so that feedback remains
> associated with the correct package versions.

We always edit updates in KDE SIG and IMHO this is a required feature of 

The workflow we use is:
* push testing update set for the new KDE version,
* edit update with fixed packages as often as necessary,
* eventually, queue the update to stable, with or without one final edit.

I don't see why we should clutter Bodhi with old versions of the update set. 
In addition, some builds would be in both the old and the new update set, 
which IMHO is much more confusing than an edited update (and AFAIK Bodhi 
doesn't even allow it at this time).

        Kevin Kofler

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