problem with koji build of my package, doesn't occur on local mock build

Eric Smith eric at
Sun Apr 11 08:40:07 UTC 2010

I'm trying to get a the AS cross-assembler (aka "asl") packaged for 
Fedora, and I've run up against a problem.  I'm developing on an x86_64 
F-12 system, and I can build the package properly for both x86_64 and 
i686 F-12 using mock on my local machine.  However, when I submit my 
SRPM for a scratch build on koji for either F-12 or F-13, the x86_64 
build fails.

The asl build process builds a tool called "rescomp" that is used to 
convert message files into a different format.  rescomp is then run 
during the build process, but rescomp itself is not packaged since it is 
only an intermediate part of the build.  When the x86_64 build fails on 
koji, rescomp gives an error message when processing as.res.  This does 
not happen on my own system.

I added a patch to rescomp to get a backtrace when the error occurs, but 
I'm not getting symbols in the backtrace, so the backtrace alone is not 
sufficient.  Is there any way I can obtain a copy of the rescomp 
executable built on the koji server to run under gdb on my own system?

I'd also like other people to try building my SRPM with mock on other 
systems, to see if anyone can replicate the problem.  The spec and SRPM 
are available at:


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