libproxy addition to comps for F-13

Nicolas Chauvet kwizart at
Mon Apr 12 22:28:55 UTC 2010


I would like to discuss the possibility to add the patch described in this
report in comps for F-13 and later.

The basic idea is to make libproxy default installed plugins more in shape
with the actual set of installed packages for a given system.
That, so application using libproxy will discover or receive the proxy
configuration automatically as soon as they use system settings.

As I agree that this change appears rather late in the Fedora process, and
libproxy is indeed in the crithpath for updates (why actually?!),
I would give an opportunity to discuss this more widely.

So the other question is : Is there any problem in adding this change to
comps for F-13 ?

As a record, on a default install and without this change: libproxy is
But If one want to use libproxy, he will have to figure out which packages
to install manually. This patch assume a reasonable default, so having
libproxy installed just make sense.

Thx for advices.

Nicolas (kwizart)
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