Problem regarding to wlan0...

Michal Schmidt mschmidt at
Tue Apr 13 13:41:29 UTC 2010

On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 18:12:17 -0300 Casimiro de Almeida Barreto wrote:
> Hello,
> An intriguing problem happened. I use a notebook with FC12 usually in
> WiFi environment. It never failed to detect wireless lans. Then I
> plugged it to eth0. Ok, it detected eth0 but now wlan0 is disabled & I
> get an "unknown error 132" whenever service network restart or
> anything like that is tried. Also it is impossible to activate wlan0
> through NetworkManager.

132 is ERFKILL ("Operation not possible due to RF-kill"). Maybe you
have accidentally flipped a hardware wireless switch on your laptop?

If it's not it, I suggest you file a bug in Bugzilla and provide
detailed information (like what hardware it is, and the output of


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