Can I have some documentation examples excluded from Abrt crash collection?

Karel Klic kklic at
Wed Apr 14 21:12:28 UTC 2010

Dne 14.4.2010 22:02, Mathieu Bridon napsal(a):
> I'm not sure if that could be used for my own issues with ABRT, but
> let me explain it.
> When I'm developing a TG2 application, I sometimes get a traceback
> (well, I'm not perfect :). ABRT sees the traceback, and wants me to
> report a bug against Paster.
> However, the bug is not in Paster, it's in my own code, and I know it
> since I'm currently developing it (Paster is used to launch TG2
> applications).
> Would it be possible to ignore this kind of tracebacks while not
> ignoring legit Paster issues?
Yes, that should be possible after some more programming is done. To me 
it seems we will end up with package-specific semi-scriptable 
configuration in ABRT. It would read the (parsed) traceback of a crash 
and determine what to do with it, depending on its contents, on the 
origin of functions etc. Then we will also be able to ignore those 
plentiful Firefox crashes in proprietary plugins.

In other words: please file a RFE against ABRT so your request is not 
forgotten, as it's perfectly valid.


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