Reverting kaddressbook back to previous version?

Juha Tuomala Juha.Tuomala at
Thu Apr 15 09:09:34 UTC 2010

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010, Rex Dieter wrote:
> are a lot of other packages and issues and bugs involved here.  Reverting
> even part or all as you suggest would have far bigger bad consequences than
> helping

That's what I thought, it's not just a matter of yumming older 
stuff back. Secondly, majority of endusers just update their 
systems, they have no glue how to revert some packages back.

> fix the primary bug/app at issue here.

yes, the question is exactly fixing the application or developing
it further rather than fixing some crash.

The whole application has been rewritten, with new user interface,
dialogs and features. For example, entry name handling has changed
completely. Now you can't sort names based on lastname in listing,
nor edit them separately in edit dialog. There are tens of this
kind of changes that behave differently, but also changes in feature 

Now, as storage has been separated, perhaps it could have been 
possible to provide this new rewritten version as pre-view package
aside the old one. Or later on, have the old one as fallback to
access that same functionality and provide feedback for the new one.

> Fact is... qa'ing this, in updates-testing or kde-testing or whatever, and
> finding the root cause(s), in part failed to catch this in time (prior to
> push to stable updates).  The best (and honestly only) way forward is to
> better document things ( ftw!) and to continue working
> toward the goal noble of making everything just work.

Based on previous one (to which i gave tens of feedback 
suggestions) it will take years, my guess is 4-6 years to
get this current one back to stage where the old one was.
I've a feeling that nobody is continously developing it
in upstream. Changes come in this kind of rewrites and fall
back to very slow period again.


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