intent to retire: kudzu

Stewart Adam maillist at
Sun Apr 18 17:13:28 UTC 2010

On 2010/04/13 4:45 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Bill Nottingham (notting at said:
>> I'd like to retire kudzu for F-13.
>> Why?
>> - There are places where it almost certainly does not work with current kernels
>> - It's so deprecated that one of its replacements (HAL) has since been
>>    frozen and deprecated
>> - Given that, its upstream is very dead
>> However, it is still being required by two programs:
>> - hwbrowser
>> - fwfstab
> I just noticed I hadn't actually done this yet. I've retired it for
> F-14/rawhide; it can remain in F-13, although it's unlikely to see any
> useful updates there.
I've rewritten a good part of fwfstab so it no longer depends on kudzu 
for disk detection. I'll update rawhide to the RC later today.


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