Shell commands like to OS/2 shell (or MS PowerShell)

Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) forum at
Tue Apr 20 12:55:20 UTC 2010

20.04.2010 03:29, Ryan Rix пишет:
> On Mon 19 April 2010 3:51:23 pm Slava Zanko wrote:
>> Hi folk,
>> I want to propose new idea about names of command line utilites...
>> For example, all present utilites have sence just for guru's (ls, rm,
>> fsck etc), but for novies it's hard to use. Is good idea to symlink'ing
>> (shell aliasing) these and much more utilz to another names? Like to:
>> ls ->  filesystem.list
>> rm ->  filesystem.remove
>> fsck.* ->  filesystem.check.*
>> mkfs.* ->  filesystem.make.*
>> convert ->  media.convert.image
>> mencoder ->
>> oggenc ->
>> mplayer ->  media.player.*
>> etc
>> This idea will be easy to realize (need to make at first time one rpm
>> package with lot of symlinks... and then long-time work in all present
>> rpm-packages for respect this technology). But we need for
>> standartization of alias names... in ideal case, standartization must
>> touch all distros (new standard?)
>> P.S. This not my idea. Originally from:
>> eotf=1&
>> n
>> Thanks for attention.
> I'm against making a mess of PATH with a crapload of symlinks.
> If this were to happen, it should happen at a bashrc alias level, and even
> then I'm still against it.
I also against making it global by default. But this can be done in 
separate folder, not to standard /usr/bin, and then added for users who 
want it just add it into PATH.
I not sure what I want it, but sometimes really hard understand by name 
what do command and from which area it is.

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