Please move your ABRT bugs upstream

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Sun Apr 25 08:10:26 UTC 2010

Am Sonntag, den 25.04.2010, 09:17 +0200 schrieb Kevin Kofler:
> ABRT bugs are usually filed by 
> lazy idiots who have hit a "fix my software!" button and expect everything 
> else to magically happen without them doing anything, so requests to 
> upstream bugs are usually met with total silence, occasionally with an 
> outright admission that they're too lazy to do that, and only in rare 
> occasions the bug actually gets upstreamed.

I'm upstreaming reports from 'lazy idiots' too and some of them get
fixed. In fact the percentage of the ones that get fixed is not
different from the 'active' reporters cause usually the backtrace
contains all necessary data for the developer to fix the problem.

If you really miss certain information ('Can you reproduce this crash?
What did you do when foo crashed?' and that kind of stuff), you can use
bugzilla's mass change feature that you are now using to close all the


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