Please move your ABRT bugs upstream

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Mon Apr 26 08:34:52 UTC 2010

On Sunday 25 April 2010 10:33:13 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Christoph Wickert wrote:
> > I'm upstreaming reports from 'lazy idiots' too and some of them get
> > fixed. In fact the percentage of the ones that get fixed is not
> > different from the 'active' reporters cause usually the backtrace
> > contains all necessary data for the developer to fix the problem.
> ABRT should file the bugs upstream in the first place, an automated tool
> should do the right thing in the first place. Of course that means having
> to deal with several different bug trackers, not just Bugzilla. But it's
> part of doing it right.

This is not a (big) problem in ABRT - it's modular system. And I think best is 
to fill it to both - upstream and downstream bug (crash) tracker. Why? It's 
good to know that something is crashing for users. In times of Dr. Konqui we 
haven't had any idea how stable KDE is. Now we can see that we have lot of 
problems with some crashes - like KPixmap one - we can force upstream to fix it 
as it's really serious problem etc... So please - no to upstream - or we 
should join upstream here - and we should be CC'ed to Dr. Konqui's crashes.

Another problem is - upstream has the same problem as we have - Dr. Konqui 
significantly lowered the barrier to report bugs => more bugs reported with 
lower quality. Dr. Konqui forces reporter to submit better reports but it's 
not easy again to balance it - not to build another artificial barrier.


> > If you really miss certain information ('Can you reproduce this crash?
> > What did you do when foo crashed?' and that kind of stuff), you can use
> > bugzilla's mass change feature that you are now using to close all the
> > bugs.
> No.
> 1. I need to identify the bugs which are missing information in the first
> place, which is more than just "everything in the list produced by my saved
> search since the last mass needinfo" (which is what I'm using now).
> 2. I need to actually file the bug upstream, which is a manual process for
> every single bug. We have no tools to automate that (and Bugzilla-only
> tools aren't going to help because Gnash uses Savannah's bug tracker).
>         Kevin Kofler

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