preupgrade 1.1.5 released

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Apr 26 11:18:21 UTC 2010

Preupgrade prepares a Fedora system for an upgrade.

Version 1.1.5
Released: 2010-04-26

* Translations
 - Add initial il8n support for preupgrade (Igor Pires Soares)
 - Add  il8n support for preupgrade-cli. Fixes rh#562036 (Igor Pires Soares)

* Bugfix:
 - Add 'clearpart --none' to the kickstart, as anaconda no longer
defaults to this. Fixes rh#575400 (Richard Hughes)
 - For some reason name is null when getting the callback from yum.
Detect this and prevent a crash. Fixes rh#572148 (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix up the makefiles so 'make dist' does the right thing (Seth Vidal)

I'm building rpm's and an update for F12 now.


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