Postgresql namespace

Tom Lane tgl at
Mon Apr 26 23:02:27 UTC 2010

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22J=F3hann_B=2E_Gu=F0mundsson=22?= <johannbg at> writes:
> BTW What's the difference between upstream packages and the packages we 
> build as in why does upstream feel compelled to provide it's own 
> packages and repo?

Upstream, or more accurately Devrim, provides prebuilt packages for a
range of Postgres release series on various platforms.  Most of those
platforms (including Fedora) only officially support one Postgres
release series.  The version that happens to match the platform's own
package is a bit redundant, agreed, but it may be easier for Devrim
to just build all the combinations than to track which one is redundant
at any given time.  Also, Devrim is pretty quick about publishing
updates when new upstream minor releases come out.  Some people might
prefer that to the platform's own update process, which can be a *lot*
slower.  This doesn't apply so much to Fedora, where I usually push the
"official" update about as quickly, but for sure it's an issue on
RHEL and CentOS.

			regards, tom lane

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