Some Ideas About Fedora 14 Media

Nicolas Chauvet kwizart at
Wed Apr 28 08:32:10 UTC 2010

2010/4/28 Liang Suilong <liangsuilong at>:
> Hi, all.
> Fedora 13 Desktop Spin would target to 1GB LiveDVD. But at last desktop team
> decided to return to 700MB CD size. It means that we should give up
> and GIMP by default. It looks quite sad. Looking at
>, I seem to find out some ideas.
> Broffice suite and GIMP are installed in by default,
> nevertheless, broffice spin gives up many locale files. Broffice just only
> support English, Spanish and Portuguese. So does desktop spin follow this
> method? Deskop spin contains OOo and GIMP, but it should remove most of
> GNOME locale files and OOo langpack. Then desktop spin can keep 700MB CD
> size.
> How can we download langpack file? Yum-langpacks seems to be the best
> solution. When we choose some language in system-config-lanage,
> yum-langpacks can download langpack of GNOME, KDE and OOo and some fonts we
> need and IME for that language. Anaconda also can run this plugin in
> %post-install so that it can fetch language pack and IME from remote
> repository.
> But We can not ignore that separating langpack from GNOME is a great job.
> Packaging langpack like kde-l10n-* and language-pack-* in Ubuntu needs a lot
> of packager to do it.
> Better experience: Live/Install Hybrid DVD
> Looking at install DVD, it looks too old. To add a Livesystem on DVD media
> can improve user experience. However, unlike Anaconda on install media,
> Anaconda on live system can not load a repository on media or a remote
> repository. That's a great problem.
> Just hope these suggestions can help Fedora community, I wish that Fedora 14
> would have a better installation experience.
> Liang Suilong

The appropriate kickstart command to filter exept but french and english is:
%packages --instLangs en:fr:fr_FR:fr-FR
it doesn't  work on EL-5 IIRC and I don't know how it will work with
lang-pack plugin.

The problem was that once the live media is installed, then you don't
have the full set of Fedora packages and you cannot restore the other
locale at this time.

I think an hybrid install/live media with locales stipped is a good
idea that worth some experiments.

Nicolas (kwizart)

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