Thunderbird bz 579023 still not fixed even though there is an upstream fix available

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Thu Apr 29 22:00:31 UTC 2010

On 04/29/2010 12:29 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Christopher Aillon (caillon at said:
>> This option doesn't exist because it's impossible to use right now.
>> Just adding a --with-libffi doesn't actually make it useful since the
>> minimum required version of libffi hasn't been released yet, and libffi
>> releases don't come out that frequently.  Note that a large portion of
>> the patchset between the latest libffi release and latest HEAD has come
>> from Mozilla, who have pushed all their changes upstream and have had
>> them merged successfully, and there are still more changes in the pipeline.
> At least in F-13, we ship libffi-3.0.9, and the xulrunner-included version
> claims to be 3.0.8. Of course, older releases may be a different story.

Sorry, Mozilla HEAD requires the latest HEAD of libffi (3.0.10pre), 
which is what I was thinking of.  Still, the 3.0.8 that Mozilla ships is 
not vanilla and would need patching, though I don't know whether 3.0.9 
has those patches or not.  Since the work was still relatively recent, 
it wasn't a huge concern of mine especially given the other work we've 
got going on.  I'm happy that Debian is adding this support and getting 
it upstream, just as I'm sure they're happy we're doing the Thunderbird 
XULRunner work.  When it's upstreamed, we'll definitely use it, and I'm 
sure when our work gets upstream, they'll use that too.  I don't see why 
we're the bad guy in this situation.

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