git branch help?

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Tue Aug 3 10:31:41 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 05:40 +0200, Kevin Kofler wrote: 
> Neal Becker wrote:
> > OK, got mercurial updated for devel, apparantly OK.  Now try to update
> > f13:
> [snip a bunch of git tribulations]
> It's quite telling that the git workflow is so arcane and exotic that even 
> the maintainer of another DVCS cannot figure it out! Git just has to do 
> everything in its own bizarre, confusing and broken way. :-(
I'm sorry that I'm getting emotional here, but this is getting too much
for me. Kevin, this is totally off topic here. Furthermore, git is not
bizarre, it's not confusing and it's not broken. I'm no VCS guru and I'm
still able to work with it without issues and, I have to say, I learnt
it faster than CVS (plus from the various VCS I had interaction with,
which is CVS, SVN, mercurial and git this one feels best to me, by

If you spent some of the time you have spent on bashing git on actually
learning to use git you'd be much better off.

If git was as that bad as you try to imply, I highly doubt gnome, kde
and others would switch to it so happily.

If you want to flame about git, please do it elsewhere.


PS: repeating a lie thousand times does not make it true
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