[ACTION REQUIRED] orphaned packages in F-14

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Wed Aug 4 16:32:23 UTC 2010

Each release, we undergo the effort to track down owners for orphaned
packages in the release, and block those orphaned packages where
necessary. It's that time again for Fedora 14.

The following packages are currently orphaned and exist in F-14. As
you can see, there are a lot of dependencies on these packages. Please
pick up these packages if you have a need for them.

Unblocked orphan JSDoc
Unblocked orphan bzr-gtk
Unblocked orphan cdf
Unblocked orphan checkstyle
Unblocked orphan classworlds
Unblocked orphan compat-libgda
Unblocked orphan crun
Unblocked orphan csstidy
Unblocked orphan django-authopenid
Unblocked orphan dom4j
Unblocked orphan drgeo
Unblocked orphan drgeo-doc
Unblocked orphan drpython
Unblocked orphan dtdparser
Unblocked orphan enigma
Unblocked orphan fet
Unblocked orphan fish
Unblocked orphan flam3
Unblocked orphan gconfmm26
Unblocked orphan gdal
Unblocked orphan gg2
Unblocked orphan gnome-vfsmm26
Unblocked orphan gnomecatalog
Unblocked orphan gnu-regexp
Unblocked orphan gperiodic
Unblocked orphan grass
Unblocked orphan hsqldb
Unblocked orphan impressive
Unblocked orphan isorelax
Unblocked orphan jdom
Unblocked orphan jlex
Unblocked orphan joda-time
Unblocked orphan jrefactory
Unblocked orphan jsch
Unblocked orphan jtidy
Unblocked orphan junit
Unblocked orphan jzlib
Unblocked orphan kasablanca
Unblocked orphan kflickr
Unblocked orphan ldapjdk
Unblocked orphan libglademm24
Unblocked orphan libgnomecanvasmm26
Unblocked orphan libgnomemm26
Unblocked orphan libgnomeuimm26
Unblocked orphan libmspack
Unblocked orphan libpanelappletmm
Unblocked orphan librsvg2
Unblocked orphan libsigc++
Unblocked orphan lrzip
Unblocked orphan lucene
Unblocked orphan mapbender
Unblocked orphan mapserver
Unblocked orphan maven-doxia
Unblocked orphan maven-jxr
Unblocked orphan maven-surefire
Unblocked orphan mediawiki-HNP
Unblocked orphan mediawiki-StubManager
Unblocked orphan minirpc
Unblocked orphan nas
Unblocked orphan nettle
Unblocked orphan nodm
Unblocked orphan objectweb-anttask
Unblocked orphan ogdi
Unblocked orphan pAgenda
Unblocked orphan papercut
Unblocked orphan pastebin
Unblocked orphan perl-Geo-IPfree
Unblocked orphan perl-libwhisker2
Unblocked orphan php-channel-phpdb
Unblocked orphan php-pear-Phlickr
Unblocked orphan php-pear-creole
Unblocked orphan php-pear-pake
Unblocked orphan php-pear-propel_generator
Unblocked orphan php-pear-propel_runtime
Unblocked orphan plexus-ant-factory
Unblocked orphan plexus-appserver
Unblocked orphan plexus-bsh-factory
Unblocked orphan plexus-compiler
Unblocked orphan plexus-runtime-builder
Unblocked orphan plexus-xmlrpc
Unblocked orphan pycairo
Unblocked orphan pyfacebook
Unblocked orphan pyorbit
Unblocked orphan python-numarray
Unblocked orphan python-urllib2_kerberos
Unblocked orphan python-zc-lockfile
Unblocked orphan python-zdaemon
Unblocked orphan python-zope-event
Unblocked orphan python-zope-filesystem
Unblocked orphan python-zope-testing
Unblocked orphan qosmic
Unblocked orphan relaxngDatatype
Unblocked orphan ruby-openid
Unblocked orphan rubygem-RedCloth
Unblocked orphan rubygem-gruff
Unblocked orphan rubygem-rubigen
Unblocked orphan rubygem-rufus-scheduler
Unblocked orphan rubygem-state_machine
Unblocked orphan rubygem-test-spec
Unblocked orphan stardict-dic-en
Unblocked orphan stardict-dic-ja
Unblocked orphan stardict-dic-ru
Unblocked orphan stardict-dic-zh_CN
Unblocked orphan stardict-dic-zh_TW
Unblocked orphan taipeifonts
Unblocked orphan tanukiwrapper
Unblocked orphan tinyows
Unblocked orphan tomcat6
Unblocked orphan tpb
Unblocked orphan tremfusion
Unblocked orphan tremulous
Unblocked orphan twitux
Unblocked orphan velocity
Unblocked orphan wbxml2
Unblocked orphan windowlab
Unblocked orphan ws-jaxme
Unblocked orphan wsdl4j
Unblocked orphan x2vnc
Unblocked orphan xautolock
Unblocked orphan xenwatch
Unblocked orphan xjavadoc
Unblocked orphan xmldb-api
Unblocked orphan xmlrpc
Unblocked orphan xom
Unblocked orphan xpp2
Unblocked orphan xpp3
Unblocked orphan zikula-module-EZComments
Unblocked orphan zikula-module-filterutil
Unblocked orphan zikula-module-pagemaster

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: checkstyle
    eclipse-checkstyle requires checkstyle = 5.1-1.fc14
    maven-checkstyle-plugin requires checkstyle = 5.1-1.fc14
    maven-embedder requires checkstyle = 5.1-1.fc14
    maven-enforcer-rule-api requires checkstyle = 5.1-1.fc14

Orphan: classworlds
    intellij-idea requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    maven-doxia requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    maven-doxia-sitetools requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    maven-surefire requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    maven-wagon requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    maven2 requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    mercury requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    modello requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-ant-factory requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-appserver requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-archiver requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-bsh-factory requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-compiler requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-container-default requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-i18n requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-resources requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-velocity requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12
    plexus-xmlrpc requires classworlds = 1.1-4.fc12

Orphan: compat-libgda
    gpsdrive requires compat-libgda-devel = 3.1.2-4.fc14
    qof requires libgdasql-3.0.so.3
    qof requires compat-libgda-devel = 3.1.2-4.fc14

Orphan: dom4j
    bolzplatz2006 requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    eclipse-checkstyle requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    freemarker requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    itext requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    itext-rups requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    jaxen requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    json-lib requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    logback requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    maven-eclipse-plugin requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    maven-shared-model-converter requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    saxon requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12
    xstream requires dom4j = 1.6.1-5.fc12

Orphan: drgeo
    drgeo-doc requires drgeo = 1.1.0-16.fc12

Orphan: dtdparser
    modello requires dtdparser = 1.21-7.fc12

Orphan: flam3
    qosmic requires flam3-devel = 2.7.18-2.fc12
    qosmic requires flam3 = 2.7.18-2.fc12
    qosmic requires flam3-static = 2.7.18-2.fc12

Orphan: gconfmm26
    agave requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    agave requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    bakery requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    bakery requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    bakery-devel requires pkgconfig(gconfmm-2.6) = 2.28.0
    gcdmaster requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    glom requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    glom requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    gnote requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires pkgconfig(gconfmm-2.6) = 2.28.0
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    libpanelappletmm requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    libpanelappletmm requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    libpanelappletmm-devel requires pkgconfig(gconfmm-2.6) = 2.28.0
    libpanelappletmm-devel requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    lifeograph requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    lifeograph requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    me-tv requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    me-tv requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    paprefs requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    paprefs requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    referencer requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    regexxer requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    regexxer requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1
    wp_tray requires gconfmm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    wp_tray requires libgconfmm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: gdal
    GMT requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    GMT requires libgdal.so.1
    GMT-octave requires libgdal.so.1
    grass requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    grass requires libgdal.so.1
    grass-devel requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    grass-devel requires pkgconfig(gdal) = 1.7.2
    grass-libs requires libgdal.so.1
    mapnik requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    mapserver requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    mapserver requires libgdal.so.1
    mapserver-perl requires libgdal.so.1
    mapserver-python requires libgdal.so.1
    merkaartor requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    merkaartor requires libgdal.so.1
    pfstools requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    pfstools-gdal requires libgdal.so.1
    php-mapserver requires libgdal.so.1
    qgis requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    qgis requires libgdal.so.1
    qgis-grass requires libgdal.so.1
    qgis-python requires libgdal.so.1
    qlandkartegt requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    qlandkartegt requires libgdal.so.1
    vfrnav requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    vfrnav-utils requires libgdal.so.1
    xastir requires gdal-devel = 1.7.2-5.fc14
    xastir requires libgdal.so.1
    xgridedit requires libgdal.so.1

Orphan: gnome-vfsmm26
    agave requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-1.fc12
    assogiate requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    assogiate requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-1.fc12
    gcdmaster requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    glom requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-1.fc12
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-1.fc12
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires pkgconfig(gnome-vfsmm-2.6) = 2.26.0
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires gnome-vfsmm26-devel = 2.26.0-1.fc12
    referencer requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
    wp_tray requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: gnu-regexp
    eclipse-epic requires gnu-regexp = 1.1.4-13.fc12
    jarjar requires gnu-regexp = 1.1.4-13.fc12

Orphan: grass
    gdal requires libgrass_dbmiclient.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_vask.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_linkm.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_dgl.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_vect.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_gproj.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_dig2.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_I.so.6.3
    gdal requires grass-devel = 6.3.0-17.fc14
    gdal requires libgrass_gis.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_rtree.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_datetime.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_dbmibase.so.6.3
    gdal requires libgrass_gmath.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_dbmiclient.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_vask.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_linkm.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_dgl.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_vect.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_gproj.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_dig2.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_I.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_gis.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_dbmibase.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_rtree.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_datetime.so.6.3
    gdal-perl requires libgrass_gmath.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_dbmiclient.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_vask.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_linkm.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_dgl.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_vect.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_gproj.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_dig2.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_I.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_gis.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_dbmibase.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_rtree.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_datetime.so.6.3
    gdal-ruby requires libgrass_gmath.so.6.3
    qgis requires grass = 6.3.0-17.fc14
    qgis requires grass-devel = 6.3.0-17.fc14
    qgis-grass requires libgrass_dbmiclient.so.6.3
    qgis-grass requires libgrass_vect.so.6.3
    qgis-grass requires grass = 6.3.0-17.fc14
    qgis-grass requires libgrass_gproj.so.6.3
    qgis-grass requires libgrass_gis.so.6.3
    qgis-grass requires libgrass_dbmibase.so.6.3
    qgis-grass requires libgrass_datetime.so.6.3

Orphan: hsqldb
    directory-naming requires hsqldb = 1:
    logback requires hsqldb = 1:
    openoffice.org requires hsqldb = 1:
    openoffice.org-base-core requires hsqldb = 1:
    plexus-naming requires hsqldb = 1:
    plexus-registry requires hsqldb = 1:
    velocity requires hsqldb = 1:
    weka requires hsqldb = 1:
    ws-jaxme requires hsqldb = 1:

Orphan: isorelax
    dom4j requires isorelax = 1:0-0.4.release20050331.fc12
    msv requires isorelax-javadoc = 1:0-0.4.release20050331.fc12
    msv requires isorelax = 1:0-0.4.release20050331.fc12
    msv-msv requires isorelax = 1:0-0.4.release20050331.fc12
    msv-relames requires isorelax = 1:0-0.4.release20050331.fc12
    msv-rngconv requires isorelax = 1:0-0.4.release20050331.fc12
    msv-xmlgen requires isorelax = 1:0-0.4.release20050331.fc12

Orphan: jdom
    apache-commons-jxpath requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    bcel requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    checkstyle requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    cobertura requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    colossus requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    eclipse-epic requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    eclipse-mylyn requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    eclipse-mylyn-webtasks requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    freemarker requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    frysk requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    intellij-idea requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    jakarta-commons-jxpath requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    jaxen requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    jaxen-bootstrap requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    maven-assembly-plugin requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    maven2 requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    msv requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    plexus-cdc requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    rome requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    saxon requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    saxon requires jdom-javadoc = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    sdljava requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    velocity requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    werken-xpath requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    xstream requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13
    xtvd requires jdom = 1.1.1-1.fc13

Orphan: jlex
    xalan-j2 requires jlex = 1.2.6-9.5.fc14
    xalan-j2-xsltc requires jlex = 1.2.6-9.5.fc14

Orphan: joda-time
    jvyamlb requires joda-time = 1.6-3.tzdata2008i.fc12
    xstream requires joda-time = 1.6-3.tzdata2008i.fc12

Orphan: jrefactory
    xdoclet requires jrefactory = 2.8.9-9.7.fc12
    xjavadoc requires jrefactory = 2.8.9-9.7.fc12

Orphan: jsch
    ant requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    ant-jsch requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    apache-ivy requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    eclipse requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    eclipse-platform requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    eclipse-systemtapgui requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    maven-eclipse-plugin requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    maven-wagon requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    maven2 requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    netbeans requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13
    netbeans-ide requires jsch = 0.1.41-4.fc13

Orphan: jtidy
    dom4j requires jtidy = 2:1.0-0.4.r7dev.1.5.fc13
    httpunit requires jtidy = 2:1.0-0.4.r7dev.1.5.fc13
    lucene requires jtidy = 2:1.0-0.4.r7dev.1.5.fc13
    maven-eclipse-plugin requires jtidy = 2:1.0-0.4.r7dev.1.5.fc13
    maven-wagon requires jtidy = 2:1.0-0.4.r7dev.1.5.fc13

Orphan: junit
    aduna-root-poms requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    ant requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    ant-contrib requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    ant-junit requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    apache-commons-discovery requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    apache-commons-el requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    apache-commons-fileupload requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    avalon-framework requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    avalon-logkit requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    axis requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    azureus requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    backport-util-concurrent requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    bytelist requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    castor requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    castor-test requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    checkstyle requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    classworlds requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    cpptasks requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    directory-naming requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    dom4j requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    dumbster requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    easymock requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    easymock2 requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    eclipse requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    eclipse-jdt requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    eclipse-pydev requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    felix-parent requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    fmt-ptrn requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    freemarker requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    frysk requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    gant requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    geronimo-parent-poms requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    groovy requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    hamcrest requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    hamcrest-demo requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    hsqldb requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    httpunit requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    intellij-idea requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jBCrypt requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-beanutils requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-cli requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-configuration requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-dbcp requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-discovery requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-el requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-fileupload requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-httpclient requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-io requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-jxpath requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-net requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-pool requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jakarta-commons-validator requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jargs requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jarjar requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    java-augeas requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    java-gnome requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    javacc requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    javacc-maven-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jaxen requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jaxen-bootstrap requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jflex requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jgroups requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    joda-time requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    junitperf requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    jvyamlb requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    lucene requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-ant-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-assembly-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-changelog-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-checkstyle-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-doxia requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-doxia-sitetools requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-ear-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-install-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-jar-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-jxr requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-plugin-testing requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-pmd-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-remote-resources-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-scm requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-shared requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-shared-common-artifact-filters requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-shared-verifier requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-surefire requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-verifier-plugin requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven-wagon requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    maven2 requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    msv requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    multithreadedtc requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    mysql-connector-java requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    netbeans requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    opencsv requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-active-collections requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-build-api requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-cipher requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-cli requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-compiler requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-container-default requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-interpolation requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-naming requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-registry requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    plexus-sec-dispatcher requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    postgis requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    postgresql-jdbc requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    qdox requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    slf4j requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    testng requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    tomcat5 requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    tomcat6 requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    trove4j requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    velocity requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    weka requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    ws-commons-util requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    ws-jaxme requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    wsdl4j requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xdoclet requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xjavadoc requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xmlbeans requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xmldb-api requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xmlenc requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xmlgraphics-commons requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xmlrpc requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xmlrpc3 requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xmlunit requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xom requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xpp2 requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xpp3 requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xpp3-minimal requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12
    xstream requires junit = 3.8.2-6.4.fc12

Orphan: jzlib
    jsch requires jzlib = 1.0.7-7.4.fc14
    netbeans requires jzlib = 1.0.7-7.4.fc14
    netbeans-ide requires jzlib = 1.0.7-7.4.fc14

Orphan: ldapjdk
    389-admin-console requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    389-console requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    389-ds-console requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    castor requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    dogtag-pki-console-ui requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    fedora-idm-console requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    idm-console-framework requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    pki-common requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    pki-common requires /usr/share/java/ldapjdk.jar
    pki-console requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12
    pki-util requires ldapjdk = 4.18-5.fc12

Orphan: libglademm24
    agave requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    agave requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    bakery requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    bakery requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    bakery-devel requires pkgconfig(libglademm-2.4) = 2.6.7
    barry requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    barry requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    gcdmaster requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires pkgconfig(libglademm-2.4) = 2.6.7
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    lordsawar requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    nemiver requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    nemiver requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    paman requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    paman requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    paprefs requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    paprefs requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    pavucontrol requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    pavucontrol requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    referencer requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    regexxer requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    regexxer requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    systemtap requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    systemtap-grapher requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    vfrnav requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    vfrnav requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    vifir requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    vifir requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12
    wp_tray requires libglademm-2.4.so.1
    wp_tray requires libglademm24-devel = 2.6.7-3.fc12

Orphan: libgnomecanvasmm26
    ardour requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc12
    ardour requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    flowcanvas requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc12
    flowcanvas requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    flowcanvas-devel requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc12
    gcdmaster requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc12
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires pkgconfig(libgnomecanvasmm-2.6) = 2.26.0
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc12
    referencer requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1
    wp_tray requires libgnomecanvasmm26-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc12
    wp_tray requires libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: libgnomemm26
    gcdmaster requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomemm26-devel = 2.28.0-1
    libgnomeuimm26 requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires libgnomemm26-devel = 2.28.0-1
    libgnomeuimm26-devel requires pkgconfig(libgnomemm-2.6) = 2.28.0
    libpanelappletmm requires libgnomemm26-devel = 2.28.0-1
    libpanelappletmm-devel requires libgnomemm26-devel = 2.28.0-1
    me-tv requires libgnomemm26-devel = 2.28.0-1
    referencer requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1
    wp_tray requires libgnomemm26-devel = 2.28.0-1
    wp_tray requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1

Orphan: libgnomeuimm26
    cdrdao requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gcdmaster requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1
    me-tv requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    referencer requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1
    referencer requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    workrave requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    wp_tray requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1
    wp_tray requires libgnomeuimm26-devel = 2.28.0-1.fc12

Orphan: libpanelappletmm
    gnote requires libpanelappletmm-2.6.so.1
    gnote requires libpanelappletmm-devel = 2.26.0-2.fc12

Orphan: librsvg2
    GraphicsMagick requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    ImageMagick requires librsvg-2.so.2
    ImageMagick requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    OpenSceneGraph requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    OpenSceneGraph-libs requires librsvg-2.so.2
    abiword requires librsvg-2.so.2
    abiword requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    awn-extras-applets requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    babl requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    beagle requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    beagle-gnome requires librsvg-2.so.2
    cairo-clock requires librsvg-2.so.2
    cairo-clock requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    cheese requires librsvg-2.so.2
    cheese requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    cheese-libs requires librsvg-2.so.2
    chemical-mime-data requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    compiz requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    compiz-gnome requires librsvg-2.so.2
    control-center requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    emacs requires librsvg-2.so.2
    emacs requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    evas requires librsvg-2.so.2
    evas requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    florence requires librsvg-2.so.2
    florence requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    fvwm requires librsvg-2.so.2
    fvwm requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gambas2 requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gambas2-gb-gtk-svg requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gbrainy requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gcompris requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gcompris requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gdesklets requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gdesklets requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gegl requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gegl requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gimp requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gimp requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-games requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gnome-games requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-games-extra requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gnome-icon-theme requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-panel requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gnome-panel requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-python2-desktop requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-python2-rsvg requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gnome-python2-rsvg requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-sharp requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-shell requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-shell requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnome-system-monitor requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gnome-system-monitor requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gnubversion requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    google-gadgets requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    google-gadgets-gtk requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gstreamer-plugins-bad-free requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gstreamer-plugins-bad-free requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    gweled requires librsvg-2.so.2
    gweled requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    hippo-canvas requires librsvg-2.so.2
    hippo-canvas requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    hippo-canvas-python requires librsvg-2.so.2
    ibus requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    libabiword requires librsvg-2.so.2
    libabiword-devel requires pkgconfig(librsvg-2.0) = 2.31.0
    libccss requires librsvg-2.so.2
    libccss requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    libccss-devel requires pkgconfig(librsvg-2.0) = 2.31.0
    logjam requires librsvg-2.so.2
    logjam requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    midori requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    mldonkey requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    mldonkey-gui requires librsvg-2.so.2
    monkey-bubble requires librsvg-2.so.2
    monkey-bubble requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    ocaml-lablgtk requires librsvg-2.so.2
    ocaml-lablgtk requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    polyxmass-bin requires librsvg-2.so.2
    polyxmass-bin requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    pyabiword requires librsvg-2.so.2
    quarry requires librsvg-2.so.2
    quarry requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    razertool requires librsvg-2.so.2
    razertool requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    ruby-gnome2 requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    ruby-rsvg requires librsvg-2.so.2
    tango-icon-theme requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    tango-icon-theme-extras requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    tryton requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    tucan requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    tuxmath requires librsvg-2.so.2
    tuxmath requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    tuxpaint requires librsvg-2.so.2
    tuxpaint requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    tuxtype2 requires librsvg-2.so.2
    tuxtype2 requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    virt-manager requires librsvg2 = 2.31.0-2.fc14
    xfce4-xkb-plugin requires librsvg-2.so.2
    xfce4-xkb-plugin requires librsvg2-devel = 2.31.0-2.fc14

Orphan: libsigc++
    TnL requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    TnL requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-8.fc12
    asc requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    asc requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-8.fc12
    libasync requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    qtel requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    sooperlooper requires libsigc-1.2.so.5
    sooperlooper requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-8.fc12
    svxlink requires libsigc++-devel = 1.2.7-8.fc12
    svxlink-server requires libsigc-1.2.so.5

Orphan: lucene
    eclipse requires lucene-contrib = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    eclipse requires lucene = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    eclipse-platform requires lucene-contrib = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    eclipse-platform requires lucene = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    intellij-idea requires lucene = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    intellij-idea requires lucene-core = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    netbeans requires lucene = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    opengrok requires lucene-contrib = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    opengrok requires lucene = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    openoffice.org requires lucene-contrib = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    openoffice.org requires lucene = 2.4.1-3.fc14
    openoffice.org-core requires lucene = 2.4.1-3.fc14

Orphan: maven-doxia
    buildnumber-maven-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    javacc-maven-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    javassist requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-assembly-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-changelog-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-checkstyle-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-deploy-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-doxia-sitetools requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-doxia-tools requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-eclipse-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-embedder requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-enforcer requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-enforcer-rule-api requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-invoker-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-project-info-reports-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-shared requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-shared-reporting-impl requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-site-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven-war-plugin requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    maven2 requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    mercury requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    modello requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-active-collections requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-appserver requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-classworlds requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-component-api requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-containers requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-digest requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-registry requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    plexus-xmlrpc requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    protobuf requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14
    ws-commons-util requires maven-doxia = 1.1.2-3.fc14

Orphan: maven-jxr
    geronimo-parent-poms requires maven-plugin-jxr = 2.1-6.fc12
    xmltool requires maven-plugin-jxr = 2.1-6.fc12

Orphan: maven-surefire
    aduna-commons-concurrent requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    aduna-commons-text requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    antlr3 requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    antlr3 requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-beanutils requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-beanutils requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-codec requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-codec requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-compress requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-compress requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-configuration requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-configuration requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-daemon requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-daemon requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-digester requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-digester requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-exec requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-exec requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-fileupload requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-fileupload requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-io requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-io requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-jexl requires maven2-plugin-surefire-report = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-jexl requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-jxpath requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-lang requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-lang requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-launcher requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-launcher requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-logging requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-math requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-math requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-net requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-commons-net requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    apache-resource-bundles requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    buildnumber-maven-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    buildnumber-maven-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    cal10n requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    cal10n requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    cssparser requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    cssparser requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    ezmorph requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    ezmorph requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    felix-framework requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    felix-main requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    felix-osgi-compendium requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    felix-osgi-foundation requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    felix-parent requires maven-surefire-report-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    felix-parent requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    fontbox requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    fontbox requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    geronimo-parent-poms requires maven-surefire-report-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    geronimo-parent-poms requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jakarta-commons-fileupload requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jakarta-commons-fileupload requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jakarta-commons-io requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jakarta-commons-io requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jakarta-commons-modeler requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jakarta-commons-modeler requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    javacc-maven-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    javacc-maven-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    javamail requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    javassist requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jempbox requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jempbox requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jetty requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jline requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jline requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    json-lib requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    json-lib requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    jsr-305 requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    log4j requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    log4j requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    logback requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-ant-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-antrun-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-antrun-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-archiver requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-archiver requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-assembly-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-assembly-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-changelog-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-changes-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-changes-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-checkstyle-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-clean-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-clean-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-compiler-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-compiler-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-dependency-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-dependency-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-deploy-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-deploy-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-doap-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-doap-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-docck-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-doxia requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-doxia requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-doxia-sitetools requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-doxia-sitetools requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-doxia-tools requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-ear-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-eclipse-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-eclipse-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-ejb-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-ejb-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-embedder requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-embedder requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-enforcer requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-enforcer requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-enforcer-rule-api requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-enforcer-rule-api requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-gpg-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-gpg-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-help-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-help-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-idea-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-idea-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-install-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-install-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-invoker-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-invoker-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-jar-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-jar-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-javadoc-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-jflex-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-jflex-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-jxr requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-jxr requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-one-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-one-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-build-helper requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-build-helper requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-bundle requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-bundle requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-cobertura requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-exec requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-testing requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-testing requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-tools requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-plugin-tools requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-pmd-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-pmd-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-project-info-reports-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-rar-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-rar-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-release requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-remote-resources-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-remote-resources-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-repository-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-repository-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-repository-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-resources-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-resources-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-scm requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-scm requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-shade-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-shade-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-shared requires maven2-plugin-surefire-report = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-shared requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-site-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-site-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-skins requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-source-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-source-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-stage-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-stage-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-timestamp-plugin requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-verifier-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-verifier-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-wagon requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-wagon requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-war-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven-war-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven2 requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven2 requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven2-plugin-shade requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    maven2-plugin-shade requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    mercury requires maven-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    mercury requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    modello requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    modello requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    piccolo2d requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    piccolo2d requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-active-collections requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-active-collections requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-ant-factory requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-ant-factory requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-appserver requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-archiver requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-archiver requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-build-api requires maven-surefire-provider-junit4 = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-build-api requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-build-api requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-cdc requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-cipher requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-cipher requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-classworlds requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-classworlds requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-component-api requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-component-api requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-containers requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-containers requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-digest requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-digest requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-i18n requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-i18n requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-interactivity requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-interpolation requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-interpolation requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-io requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-io requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-mail-sender requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-maven-plugin requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-maven-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-registry requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-registry requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-runtime-builder requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-sec-dispatcher requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-sec-dispatcher requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-utils requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-utils requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-velocity requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-velocity requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-xmlrpc requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    plexus-xmlrpc requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    protobuf requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    qdox requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    qdox requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    rmic-maven-plugin requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    selenium-core requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    selenium-core requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    selenium-remote-control requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    slf4j requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    slf4j requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    ws-commons-util requires maven-surefire-provider-junit = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    ws-commons-util requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    xbean requires maven-surefire-maven-plugin = 2.3-7.7.fc12
    xmltool requires maven2-plugin-surefire = 2.3-7.7.fc12

Orphan: mediawiki-StubManager
    mediawiki-HNP requires mediawiki-StubManager = 1.3.0-3.fc12

Orphan: nas
    gstreamer-plugins-bad-free requires nas-devel = 1.9.1-6.fc12
    gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-extras requires libaudio.so.2
    speech-dispatcher requires libaudio.so.2
    speech-dispatcher requires nas-devel = 1.9.1-6.fc12

Orphan: objectweb-anttask
    asm2 requires objectweb-anttask = 1.3.2-3.5.fc13
    objectweb-asm requires objectweb-anttask = 1.3.2-3.5.fc13

Orphan: ogdi
    gdal requires libogdi.so.3
    gdal requires ogdi-devel = 3.2.0-0.14.beta2.fc12
    gdal-perl requires libogdi.so.3
    gdal-ruby requires libogdi.so.3

Orphan: perl-libwhisker2
    nikto requires perl(LW2)

Orphan: php-channel-phpdb
    php-pear-creole requires php-channel(pear.phpdb.org)
    php-pear-propel_generator requires php-channel(pear.phpdb.org)
    php-pear-propel_runtime requires php-channel(pear.phpdb.org)

Orphan: plexus-ant-factory
    maven2 requires plexus-ant-factory = 1.0-0.4.a2.1.2.fc13

Orphan: plexus-appserver
    plexus-maven-plugin requires plexus-appserver = 1.0-0.4.a5.2.11.fc13
    plexus-runtime-builder requires plexus-appserver = 1.0-0.4.a5.2.11.fc13

Orphan: plexus-bsh-factory
    maven2 requires plexus-bsh-factory = 1.0-0.4.a7s.1.11.fc13

Orphan: plexus-compiler
    maven2 requires plexus-compiler = 1.5.2-4.3.fc12
    mercury requires plexus-compiler = 1.5.2-4.3.fc12
    rmic-maven-plugin requires plexus-compiler = 1.5.2-4.3.fc12

Orphan: plexus-runtime-builder
    plexus-maven-plugin requires plexus-runtime-builder = 1.0-0.4.a9.1.9.fc12

Orphan: plexus-xmlrpc
    maven-doxia requires plexus-xmlrpc = 1.0-0.4.b4.2.17.fc14
    maven-doxia-sitetools requires plexus-xmlrpc = 1.0-0.4.b4.2.17.fc14
    plexus-appserver requires plexus-xmlrpc = 1.0-0.4.b4.2.17.fc14
    plexus-runtime-builder requires plexus-xmlrpc = 1.0-0.4.b4.2.17.fc14

Orphan: pycairo
    awn-extras-applets requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    awn-extras-applets requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    bkchem requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    gnome-activity-journal requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    gnome-desktop requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    gnome-desktop3 requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    gtg requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    hamster-applet requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    hippo-canvas requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    lv2-fil-plugins requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    mapnik requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    mumbles requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    onboard requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    pygobject2 requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    pygobject2 requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    pygoocanvas requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    pygtk2 requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    pygtk2 requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    pygtk2-devel requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    pypoppler requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    python-matplotlib requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    python-pycha requires pycairo = 1.8.8-2.fc14
    sugar-record requires pycairo-devel = 1.8.8-2.fc14

Orphan: pyorbit
    gdesklets requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-6.fc14
    gnome-python2 requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-6.fc14
    gnome-python2-bonobo requires pyorbit = 2.24.0-6.fc14
    orca requires pyorbit-devel = 2.24.0-6.fc14

Orphan: python-numarray
    HippoDraw requires python-numarray = 1.5.2-10.fc14
    HippoDraw-devel requires python-numarray = 1.5.2-10.fc14
    HippoDraw-python requires python-numarray = 1.5.2-10.fc14
    gdl requires python-numarray = 1.5.2-10.fc14
    scitools-extras requires python-numarray = 1.5.2-10.fc14

Orphan: python-zope-filesystem
    python-zc-lockfile requires python-zope-filesystem = 1-8.fc14
    python-zope-event requires python-zope-filesystem = 1-8.fc14
    python-zope-interface requires python-zope-filesystem = 1-8.fc14
    python-zope-testing requires python-zope-filesystem = 1-8.fc14

Orphan: python-zope-testing
    python-zc-lockfile requires python-zope-testing = 3.9.5-5.fc14
    python-zdaemon requires python-zope-testing = 3.9.5-5.fc14
    python-zope-event requires python-zope-testing = 3.9.5-5.fc14

Orphan: relaxngDatatype
    dom4j requires relaxngDatatype = 1.0-5.3.fc14
    msv requires relaxngDatatype = 1.0-5.3.fc14
    msv requires relaxngDatatype-javadoc = 1.0-5.3.fc14
    msv-msv requires relaxngDatatype = 1.0-5.3.fc14
    msv-relames requires relaxngDatatype = 1.0-5.3.fc14
    msv-rngconv requires relaxngDatatype = 1.0-5.3.fc14
    msv-xmlgen requires relaxngDatatype = 1.0-5.3.fc14
    msv-xsdlib requires relaxngDatatype = 1.0-5.3.fc14

Orphan: rubygem-RedCloth
    rubygem-newgem requires rubygem(RedCloth) = 4.2.2
    rubygem-yard requires rubygem(RedCloth) = 4.2.2

Orphan: rubygem-rubigen
    rubygem-newgem requires rubygem(rubigen) = 1.5.4
    rubygem-templater requires rubygem(rubigen) = 1.5.4

Orphan: rubygem-test-spec
    rubygem-rack requires rubygem(test-spec) = 0.10.0
    rubygem-snmp requires rubygem(test-spec) = 0.10.0

Orphan: tomcat6
    apache-commons-el requires tomcat6-jsp-2.1-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    apache-commons-el requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    avalon-logkit requires servlet = 2.5
    axis requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    bsf requires tomcat6-jsp-2.1-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    bsf requires servlet6
    bsh requires servlet = 2.5
    cobertura requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    eclipse requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    eclipse-platform requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    felix-osgi-compendium requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    findbugs-contrib requires jsp = 2.1
    findbugs-contrib requires servlet = 2.5
    findbugs-contrib-samples requires jsp = 2.1
    findbugs-contrib-samples requires servlet = 2.5
    freemarker requires tomcat6-lib = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    freemarker requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    javahelp2 requires jsp = 2.1
    jcharts requires servlet25
    jetty requires jsp = 2.1
    jetty requires tomcat6-jsp-2.1-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    jetty requires tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    jfreechart requires servlet = 2.5
    jython requires servlet = 2.5
    maven-enforcer requires tomcat6 = 6.0.26-8.fc14
    msv requires servlet = 2.5
    msv-msv requires servlet = 2.5
    opengrok requires servlet = 2.5
    selenium-core requires servlet = 2.5
    selenium-server requires servlet = 2.5
    xalan-j2 requires servlet25
    xalan-j2-demo requires servlet25
    xom requires servlet = 2.5

Orphan: velocity
    bcel requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    checkstyle requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    intellij-idea requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    maven-checkstyle-plugin requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    maven-doxia requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    maven-doxia-sitetools requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    maven-jxr requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    maven-remote-resources-plugin requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    maven-scm requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    maven2 requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    mercury requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    modello requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    pki-common requires /usr/share/java/velocity.jar
    pki-common requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    plexus-runtime-builder requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    plexus-velocity requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14
    xdoclet requires velocity = 1.6.3-4.fc14

Orphan: wbxml2
    libsyncml requires libwbxml2.so.0
    libsyncml requires wbxml2-devel = 0.9.2-16.fc12

Orphan: ws-jaxme
    dom4j requires ws-jaxme = 0.5.1-4.4.fc12
    eclipse-mylyn requires ws-jaxme = 0.5.1-4.4.fc12
    xmlrpc3 requires ws-jaxme = 0.5.1-4.4.fc12

Orphan: wsdl4j
    axis requires wsdl4j = 1.5.2-7.6.fc12
    eclipse-dtp requires wsdl4j = 1.5.2-7.6.fc12
    mx4j requires wsdl4j = 1.5.2-7.6.fc12

Orphan: xjavadoc
    mx4j requires xjavadoc = 1.1-7.5.fc12
    xdoclet requires xjavadoc = 1.1-7.5.fc12

Orphan: xmldb-api
    ws-jaxme requires xmldb-api-sdk = 1:0.1-0.4.20011111cvs.1.3.fc12
    ws-jaxme requires xmldb-api = 1:0.1-0.4.20011111cvs.1.3.fc12

Orphan: xmlrpc
    intellij-idea requires xmlrpc = 2.0.1-6.6.fc13
    plexus-appserver requires xmlrpc = 2.0.1-6.6.fc13
    plexus-runtime-builder requires xmlrpc = 2.0.1-6.6.fc13
    plexus-xmlrpc requires xmlrpc = 2.0.1-6.6.fc13

Orphan: xom
    jaxen requires xom = 1.0-5.6.fc14
    jaxen-bootstrap requires xom = 1.0-5.6.fc14
    json-lib requires xom = 1.0-5.6.fc14
    maven-eclipse-plugin requires xom = 1.0-5.6.fc14
    saxon requires xom = 1.0-5.6.fc14
    xstream requires xom = 1.0-5.6.fc14

Orphan: xpp2
    dom4j requires xpp2 = 2.1.10-8.3.fc14

Orphan: xpp3
    dom4j requires xpp3 =
    kxml requires xpp3 =
    xstream requires xpp3 =
    xstream requires xpp3-minimal =

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