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On 8/23/10 9:27 AM, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Mon, 23.08.10 10:52, Garrett Holmstrom (gholms at wrote:
>> Lennart Poettering wrote:
>>> So, to turn this around. Do you think this behaviour is problematic? Can
>>> you make a good case for dropping this automatism? If so I'd be willing
>>> to do so.
>> That behavior might be fine, but don't add filesystems marked "noauto" 
>> to the list of filesystems to be mounted automatically when reading fstab.
>> Here are my use cases and other rationale.  I'm sure other people have more:
>> * fstab(5) documents the "noauto" option
> Well, what it says is that noauto results in "the -a option will not
> cause the filesystem to be mounted". And that's still the case. We
> execute either the real "mount -a" (or actually something equivalent) at
> bootup, and that by itself won't cause the fs to be mounted still.
>> * I manually mount network shares that aren't always available with the 
>> "noauto" and "user" options
> That's not the issue here. systemd will never mount non-device mount points
> automatically, unless listed as "auto".
>> * Removable media that appear in fstab are usually marked noauto
> And?
>> * /boot doesn't always need to be mounted on every distro
> And?
>> * I mount large filesystems after the boot process finishes so fscking 
>> doesn't pause booting at $dayjob
> And?

And how does a system admin/user get the old functionality back, where
there was a line in /etc/fstab that made it easy to mount certain things
manually when it was convenient and/or safe for the user to do so?

I think adding more flexibility is interesting, but not at the cost of
changing (rather drastically) the semantics of an established option.

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