How about firefox 3.6 in Fedora 12 ?

M A Young m.a.young at
Mon Feb 1 08:30:38 UTC 2010

On Sun, 31 Jan 2010, Frank Murphy wrote:

> On 31/01/10 12:59, M A Young wrote:
>> At the moment it does for you, though more updates may be required
>> depending on what you have installed, but you also have to think longer
>> term, because the latest Fedora release and rawhide will tend to move
>> apart as time goes on, so when the first Fedora 3.6 security update
>> comes along you may find yourself having to download most of rawhide to
>> update it.
> True, but if necessary.
> You can always yum downgrade x
> Especially if you just need to check out package x.

That doesn't work as nicely as perhaps it should because
yum downgrade firefox 
only downgrades firefox and not xulrunner, and as a result the downgraded 
firefox refuses to run. You need at least
yum downgrade firefox xulrunner

 	Michael Young

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