--host=i386-redhat-linux-gnu --target=i686-redhat-linux-gnu ???

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Mon Feb 1 23:24:53 UTC 2010

Looking at the build logs for F-12, e.g.:


we seem to have things set up to run configure as:


Which, according to my reading of the autoconf manual means:

 * Build on a i386-redhat-linux-gnu
 * Create code that runs on i386-redhat-linux-gnu
 * Build a cross tool chain that targets i686-redhat-linux-gnu

and really doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure we want to pass
i686-redhat-linux-gnu for --host, and we don't need to specify --target.

or the info pages which have different text and are a bit clearer.

In fact, we really could just specify --build, I think and have
that go for all three.

Am I missing something here? This is causing GLib to build using slow
fallbacks for atomic operations, and likely causes other problems as

- Owen

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