Reordering in package changelogs (was Re: rawhide report: 20100129 changes)

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Tue Feb 2 09:10:22 UTC 2010

Le Lun 1 février 2010 22:05, Kevin Kofler a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> Sure it is, it's changelog style #3 of
> No, it's not style #3. It's 2 or more style #3 entries collapsed into 1,
> which is not one of the allowed formats.

That is your interpretation. I see nothing on this page to support this claim.
And actually it is contrary to format #3 logic, since its main difference with
other changelog formats is that the version is not part of the entry header,
so there's no reason to limit one entry to one version

Nicolas Mailhot

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