Would you use a programming language with missing features?

Muayyad AlSadi alsadi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 14:16:22 UTC 2010

just for the rerecords, only Gtk and Qt have good international support
tk and alike got serious problems rendering many scripts
including Arabic script (which is used by many languages and it's the
second most widely used script after latin script)
(wx works fine because in linux it depend on Gtk)

Python TkInter and tcl/tk is an example of big sad show case for linux
because in windows TkInter or tcl/tk supports Arabic perfectly

that's because the developers of freetype in Linux dropped opentype
support and moved that to the unfinished harfbazz

I hope when harfbazz is finished all toolkits that depends on freetype
moves to harfbazz

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