Two FAS accounts for the same person - permitted?

Juha Tuomala Juha.Tuomala at
Tue Feb 2 16:16:44 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010, Mike McGrath wrote:
> that but we're not going to make it easy for people to route round our
> systems and procedures.  I assure you, it's not a joke just because it's
> not automatically detectable.

And how does that happen? You don't know even *now*

a) who am i
b) am i who i claim to be

and in my understanding some people have not even given their full 
names so as long as you cannot prevent people from accessing 
internet, those are just pretty threats in wiki page.

As long as nobody meets me and checks my id against some kind
of black/revocation list, I'm just a random text string in Internet 
for fedora who commits to CVS. If I would get caught for wrongdoing,
I could start it all over again at the same day.

It's easier, that I generate pair of PGP keys and build intrest 
towards to that identity, which then can be easily proved apart
from fakes.

In case you're constantly opening doors for new and fresh people
and try to keep those bad apples out, you need something that
cannot be re-genrated. In fedora's global case, that's more or
less impossible to do. Thus threats you write to wiki are just
air to those who want to abuse the system.


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