Board efforts: scope, concept, and permission?

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Feb 3 15:50:24 UTC 2010

Toshio Kuratomi (a.badger at said: 
> > Would that mean that users who don't start with one of these 'products'
> > get to magically try and choose which implementation of which they want?
> > Perhaps even mix and match, leaving QA and the developers to sort out
> > the results.
> > 
> Nope.
> Users get a Product.  That product has made choices about what packageset
> they receive.  Mixing and matching of implementations is done at the level
> before the end-user.  The Project can find ways to make this saner without
> going all the way to "if you conflict with the target audience your vision
> is not valuable here."

... and the people who chose the net install get what, exactly?

> > Furthermore, you then leave 'downstream' higher-level packages and
> > applications having to, for example, code to PolicyKit0, PolicyKit1, or
> > consolehelper, depending on what each 'product' use case might use. Or,
> > having to build their python extensions simultaneously for python2.4, python2.6,
> > and python3.0. These sorts of things would be extremely painful for
> > developers, and would bloat the QA matrix excessively.
> > 
> Also no.
> You think that you can make people work on things they don't have an
> interest in?  I certainly don't.  Let's look at PolicyKit0 and PolicyKit1.
> KDE has one or two apps that uses PolicyKit0,  Gnome has many apps that use
> PolicyKit1.  People concerned with Gnome are packaging PolicyKit1.  KDE SIG
> volunteers to package PolicyKit0 for their apps' consumption.  Do the gnome
> apps have to support building with PolicyKit0?  no.  Do the KDE apps have to
> support building with PolicyKit1?  no.  You have people doing the work they
> need to in order to realize their vision.

Sure, and then if you run a GNOME app on KDE, you get what, exactly? If
you have a non-GNOME, non-KDE app, which do you choose to support? By
letting each desktop choose their own environment, you make things worse
for anyone that has to support both.


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