Packaging Committee Meeting Summary (2010-02-03)

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Wed Feb 3 19:29:18 UTC 2010

Commitee members present


Committee members absent
limburgher (technical difficulties)
spot (parental duties)

We approved two guidelines:

SRPM Buildtime macros
For: 5 hansg, SmootherFrOgZ, tibbs, abadger1999, rdieter
Against: 0

Emphasize correct SourceURL
For: 5 hansg, rdieter, abadger1999, SmootherFrOgZ, tibbs
Against: 0

These now go to FESCo for approval.

The committee also voted to recommend no exception for some of the libraries
that wordpress bundles to fesco (the ones that are not heavily modified).
Committee will discuss what qualifies as a "functionally modified" version
of a library and whether that's acceptable this week on the packaging
mailing list and at next week's meeting.

"Recommend no exception for the list of non-heavily modified libraries"
For: 5 abadger1999, rdieter, tibbs, racor, SmootherFrOgZ
Against/abstain: 1 hansg had to leave before the vote was announced but while
  present he semed to favour grandfathering in non-heavily modified
  libraries that are not already packaged for Fedora.

The committee started voting on new Guidelines for python modules that
includes Guidelines for python3 but suffered network difficulties in the
middle of the discussion.  This will ocntinue on the packaging mailing list
and hopefully be voted on later this week.

Current state:
For: 3 rdieter, tibbs, abadger1999
Against: 1 racor racor wants to have a note in the guidelines of when the
  python-2.x package will be removed from Fedora.  Other committee members
  argued that this was 1) out of scope for the FPC (would be a packagr or
  FESCo decision) and 2) impossible to know at this juncture as the uptake
  of python3 among module authors is not yet very high -- that leads to no
  one being able to port because their dependencies have not been ported.

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