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One thing I know that I am not doing is competing with Ubuntu for the
market it appeals to. Another thing I know that I am not doing is
trying to win anything.

I am trying to support a community that works in a variety of ways to
promote freedom, whether that be in terms of software or in terms of
content or in terms of culture.

It is well known for being an engine of innovative, cutting-edge
technology largely accomplished by working closely with upstream
projects. I suspect that is something that appeals to a healthy
segment of the developer pool and that distinguishes us from other
distributions. I don't need to win a prize or see Fedora in a poll
finish ahead of Ubuntu to view this as a success.

... omission of about 50 other things we stand for and promote ...

If we foster the sort of community described on the overview page of
the wiki, we are winning what matters - we are living the mission we

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