Board efforts: scope, concept, and permission?

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Thu Feb 4 08:15:14 UTC 2010

Dave Airlie wrote:
> What happens if we rebuild the kernel and one of the sub-modules doesn't
> get rebuilt and the maintainer goes awol? or it needs major rework to
> get built. Clearly you've never actually read any of the reasoning
> behind why we do this.

This can also happen with any other API change.

Ideally, someone would just get the module to build. (While sometimes major 
rework is indeed required, in most cases it's just a matter of finding out 
what changed and monkeying the change in the third-party module, which is 
something most provenpackagers should be able to do. I'd certainly help 
getting things to build if I'm not extremely busy with other stuff.) If not, 
I guess we have no other choice than dropping support for the module with 
the new kernel.

        Kevin Kofler

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