Xerces 3.0.1 is now built - retire Xerces 2.8?

Fernando Nasser fnasser at redhat.com
Fri Feb 5 20:07:40 UTC 2010

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> I have built Xerces 3.0.1 for Rawhide.  Xerces 3.0.1. was released in 
> February, 2009.
> I think it should replace Xerces 2.8, which was released in August, 
> 2007. Do any packages require Xerces 2.8? Is there anyone who can not 
> build against the new 3.0.1 packages?
> Jonathan
Can you please call it xerces-j3 please?

It is a really sensitive piece, and we have to install a very specific 
one for the AppServer (jbossas) or regressions are seen in the 
compliance tests.

If you call it xerces-j3 we can install the xerces-j2 in parallel.

P.S.: A bit of history: the '2' in xerces-j2 was added in 2004 so we 
could keep  xerces-j  (1.3.1).  Similar reasons.


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