Packaging Committee Meeting Summary (2010-02-03)

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Fri Feb 5 23:24:08 UTC 2010

Paul Howarth wrote:
> Wouldn't this problem be avoided if the SRPM was built in a buildroot
> containing all of the buildreqs (like the binary RPMs are)?
> It would be an extra step in the build process, but not a big extra step.
> 1. Build SRPM in minimal buildroot to determine buildreqs (as currently)
> 2. Populate buildroot with buildreqs (as currently)
> 3. Rebuild SRPM in this buildroot (this is the extra step)
> 4. Build binary RPMs in this buildroot (as currently)

This was discussed in the 2010-01-08 FESCo meeting (with people from rel-eng 
also present). It was decided that this was not worth the effort and that 
using macros in SRPMs in this way is not something we want to support.

        Kevin Kofler

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