ABRT unusable again

Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus stefan at seekline.net
Sat Feb 6 14:53:03 UTC 2010

On Sa, 2010-02-06 at 14:08 +0100, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> I'm happy about every detailed backtrace I get, but I would be even more
> happy if users contributed a tiny bit more and added comments to their
> tickets and responded to NEEDINFO queries and gave feedback on Test
> Updates.  ABRT has lowered the hurdle so much that people dump generated
> reports into bugzilla but otherwise they appear like /dev/null and only
> show rarely that they care about a package.

On the one hand I agree with you on the other hand I see it from an
users point of view and feel a bit in a pickle. For example, every
second login gnome-panel crashes, removes Gnote from the panel and ABRT
shows me a core dump. I cannot reproduce this problem except from a
logout and login. So I cannot provide a detailed description what was
going on and how to reproduce it (except as I already said: logout and
login). But since it crashes that frequently I decided to report it
anyway just in the hope that the package maintainer sees from the
backtrace what is going wrong. Maybe this is not the best thing to do
but after a couple of weeks seeing the red flash light several times a
day you go crazy ;-)

However, in the meantime I stopped reporting crashes via ABRT because I
think it raises the load for a package maintainer to high while the
report should go directly to upstream. Bothering the maintainer first
instead of upstream is not the right thing to do.

Just my experience.


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