ABRT unusable again

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sun Feb 7 18:46:23 UTC 2010

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Secondly, the package maintainer should be informed about what is broken
> with the chosen/packaged software release. Certainly you don't ask for
> upstream to filter out *all* reports from all distributions, to return
> distribution-specific ones into a dist's own bug tracking system,

Most problems are not distribution-specific. For the ones which are, they 
can close the bugs as DOWNSTREAM, NOTOURBUG or whatever their Bugzilla uses 
for that case and tell the user to report them to the distribution. It's 
less work for them do to that for the few bugs which happen to be 
distribution-specific than for us to do the opposite for the common case.

> and to work on incomplete backtraces or problems that aren't trivial to
> reproduce in the absence of the original bug reporter.

That's why bugs should not be forwarded by us, but filed directly upstream.

> Fedora packages are not fire'n'forget releases.

Once upstream fixes the issue (which will result in bugmail to the 
reporter), it's OK to file a bug to us asking us to backport the fix. But if 
the package is maintained properly (like e.g. KDE), the next release with 
the fix will be pushed soon anyway.

        Kevin Kofler

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