Error getting the XDG_SESSION_COOKIE on F12

Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon Feb 8 14:54:45 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-02-06 at 04:28 -0300, Mario Chacon wrote:

> I am trying to get the XDG_SESSION_COOKIE value on SSH connection, but
> I get an empty value, Why do I get empty value? Is it an authorization
> issue?

This isn't really a Fedora issue, but.

You don't have an XDG session cookie when ssh'ing into a machine,
because you don't have an X session.  That variable is set by the
desktop session and inherited into processes that the desktop starts;
the shell you ssh into is started by sshd, which is not part of the
desktop session, so does not that set that variable.

You could be trying one of two things.  You could want the session
cookie of the X session of the machine you're ssh'ing _from_, in which
case you need to pass it in yourself; see the ENVIRONMENT section of
'man ssh'.  Or, you could want the session cookie of some X session on
the machine you're ssh'ing into, in which case you need to scrape it out
of /proc/foo/environ or store it on the filesystem somewhere from a
process within that session.

- ajax

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