No Frozen Rawhide coming soon! New paths on mirrors!

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Tue Feb 9 18:34:09 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-02-09 at 10:56 -0600, Bruno Wolff III wrote:

> > Do the maintainers multitask that much to work on updates for official
> > releases, develop a new release, and start work on the next release?
> Yes. I don't know how much, but the idea is that rawhide will continue
> to get radicial development, while the next release will more conservative
> updates, similar to updates for a stable release.

Most developers probably won't need to differentiate between F-13 and
Rawhide, they can simply push all their changes to both. Only those
planning major changes to sensitive components will need to push those
to Rawhide while maintaining F-13 separately. This isn't any worse than
the previous situation, where you really *couldn't* push anything too
sensitive to make $NEXT_RELEASE in the period between hitting Alpha for
$NEXT_RELEASE, and splitting Rawhide off from $NEXT_RELEASE again close
to release time.

> > >From just a user/tester perspective, seems a bit much and too many paths
> > to follow and keep up with.  But hey, if you devel guys/maintainers are
> > all bout it, whom I to judge? haha.
> I think the idea is that normal testing would follow the development release
> and not rawhide. Unless you were particular interested in some feature
> being developed for the next after release.

Right, QA will mostly be focused on F-13 and we'd expect most testers to
be doing the same.
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