Final (hopefully) privilege escalation policy draft

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Wed Feb 10 22:19:59 UTC 2010

On 10-02-10 15:48:39, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hi, all. So the privilege escalation policy went to FESco, who
> suggested some minor tweaks and a final run-by the mailing lists 
> before it gets approved.
> I have now adjusted the draft -
> Draft_Fedora_privilege_escalation_policy
> - to reflect all feedback from this list and from FESco. It will be
> reviewed again by FESco next week. Please raise any potential issues
> or further suggestions for adjustments before then. Of course, even 
> if the policy is accepted by FESCo it will not be set in stone and
> changes and exceptions can be added in future as appropriate, but I'd
> like to have it as good as possible at first :) thanks all!

"Directly read or write directly to or from system memory" has an extra 
(or out of order) "directly".

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