stk soname change

Thomas Moschny thomas.moschny at
Sun Feb 14 12:21:58 UTC 2010


Just a small heads up that I'm going to update stk (Synthesis ToolKit
in C++) to version 4.4.2 and thereby change the soname from
"" to "". This will, as far as I can see, only
affect lmms, which I also maintain and take care of the rebuild
myself. The rebuild seems necessary anyway: lmms build against 4.3.1
crashes when run with 4.4.2, which is an indicator that the soname
should have been changed. Upstream unfortunately doesn't seem to have
a consistent scheme yet, maybe we should work something out together
with them.

The new soname also would bring us in-line with Debian who used major
.0 for some time now.

- Thomas

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